Air Force One: An Honor, Privilege, and Pleasure to Serve

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There, on a reverse assembly line, workers stripped away wings, engines and tail services for reconditioning and scrapped nearly all the fuselage. Only doors and some flooring were reused intact; new fuselages came off the Beech lines in Wichita. Improvements included extending the upper-engine housings and wing leading edges. Renovation was so extensive that the planes were considered zero-time aircraft and given new serial numbers. After delivery in October , AF-1 served in California before going east in mid By , the plane was sitting unused in Los Lunas, New Mexico, its owners having given up on their scheme to fly strawberries to Mexico and haul back shrimp.

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An Indiana man bought the restored aircraft and flew it personally for several years. During a flight, though, an electrical problem rendered the landing gear unable to be automatically lowered.

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Air Force One: An Honor, Privilege, and Pleasure to Serve [John L. Haigh Sr.] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. As a young person growing. Editorial Reviews. Review. John Haigh, with his attention to detail and his genuine concern for people, set the standard for other Chief Stewards of Air Force One.

For three years, AF-1 sat in Indiana, unflyable because of damage to the engines, propellers and sheet metal. The plane was rescued and returned to Wichita again in , with the intent being to make it flight-worthy. Dave Bachus saw opportunity in the leftover desks, propellers, radial engines, aluminum and tools that Beech no longer needed and bought the four-acre business in The last castoffs of war were gone from Mead and Central by the late s, but The Yard Store found continued success catering to aircraft mechanics, plane builders, hobbyists and others. Selling in person and via the Internet, The Yard maintains an extensive inventory of new and used tools for aircraft sheet metal work, carries thousands of difficult-to-find items and stocks a huge variety of steel and aluminum products.

As anyone who has shopped its shelves, catalogs or website could attest, The Yard is one of a kind. Siguido Sergeant Chris Alcobendas To one of my best friends since childhood,Thank you for the service you provided when we were young, the service you provide now in Law Enforcement, and for just signing back up in the Natl' Guard Reserves.

I am thankful to you and to all you serve with everyday.

I am proud of him, because his service helped America to win the war! Glendale, CA 3. Thank you so much for fighting for our freedom. Without people like you we would have no freedom. I am extremely proud of the service you gave and the sacrifices you made for your country. I know from the stories you have told and the stories your fellow marines have told that this was a dark time in your lives. I cannot say thank you enough and I am proud to have you as my husband.

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The Marines made you the man you are today. I am so proud to be his wife of 28 years.

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I Love You, and Thank you!! He was a gunner on the ship and has been decorated for his achievements during the Pacific Theater. He lost sight in his left eye as a result of one of the attacks by Japanese Kamikaze. Severely injured, he was almost buried at sea. One of his buddies was running around the damaged ship looking for him. Found him and realized that he was still alive. Brought this to the attention of those in charge, and my uncle's life was saved.

He was eventually shipped home where he spent time in OaKnoll Navel Hospital until his injuries healed and he was allowed to come home. Very proud of my uncle. He has since passed away, about 5 years ago. Sure miss him. To my father, my hero. Manteca 15 years Army Bob L. Godspeed my Brother. I am proud of you and love you with all my heart.

Discovery Bay 10 years Army Gary L.

enter Kemp Captain Gary Riley Capt. He served his Country proudly. He was stationed in quite a few places he was a wonderful person, solider , husband and father. Prime targets for Japanese supmarines. Auburn Ca 4 years Navy Derek D. It was my pleasure to care for you and your wife in your last years.

Chaplain Major General Steven Schaick, USAF

Thank you for everything you did for us. He was willing to sacrifice his life to fight for our country. He's a hero in many people's eyes. He teaches our youth about his time in Vietnam and helps keep the names on the wall remembered. He'll never forget his brothers and sisters of the Vietnam War. Sharp shooter Glenna McCutcheon My dad. His pride in being a citizen of the United States of America and serving his nation was evident in the daily raising of the flag at his business, L. Diesel Parts, Inc. As well, he set a good example for his children by voting in all elections.

Oakdale 5 Years Army Joshua L.

Air Force One: An Honor, Privilege, and Pleasure to Serve

He graduated from high school at 17 and left his widowed mother and young brother and went off to war. Because he was such a good ocean swimmer, he was responsible for teaching so many to swim.

The USAF Band Holiday Flash Mob at the National Air and Space Museum 2013

Later, my brother and I laughed about learning to float for hours or making a floating device from our pants, but image how many lives were saved because MY HERO taught them to survive in water!!! I lost him 12 years ago like so many of his generation. They will never be replaced or forgotten.

I was lucky enough to have the greatest hero in every way as my DAD. Forever in my heart and soul Daddy He was in the 45th Infantry division known as the Thunderbirds and was there during the release of the prisoners at the Dachau prison camp. After my father passed in we found his letters that he wrote to his parents.

My father never talked about his time in the war so finding his letters have been so special and knowing his participation in the freedom of so many people. My dad was a very special and a quiet man and now know of some of his life that he kept to himself. So proud of my family. Thank you for being my hero. Your accomplishments have been many, and I am so very proud of the man you have become.

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Thank you for your service and doing your part to protect our country. He served in the 96th Division in the signal Corp. He served in the South Pacific during WWll. He passed away a few years ago at age Theobald Sr. Godfrey This dedication is for my husband, Dennis Godfrey, who served for four years in the Vietnam war.