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Descending from a single goddess, clan members are forbidden to each other. And as the only other immortals are their hated enemies, Kian and his kin have been long resigned to a lonely existence of fleeting trysts with human partners.

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That is, until his sister makes a game-changing discovery - a mortal seeress who she believes is a dormant carrier of their genes. Ever the realist, Kian is skeptical and refuses Amanda's plea to attempt Syssi's activation. But when his enemies learn of the Dormant's existence, he's forced to rush her to the safety of his keep. Inexorably drawn to Syssi, Kian wrestles with his conscience as he is tempted to explore her budding interest in the darker shades of sensuality. It completes in Book 3 of the series: Dark Stranger Immortal, and the characters embark on a new adventure in book 4: Dark Enemy Taken.

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On Halloween night, Will experienced yet another vision while trick-or-treating in Loch Nora, a wealthy neighborhood in Hawkins. He found himself in the Upside Down version of the neighborhood. At first, Will heard a strange chittering sound coming from multiple directions. Then, he watched in horror as the Mind Flayer rose high into the air before pursuing him through Loch Nora.

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Will hid behind a wall, unaware that the creature was close behind him. However, Mike found Will and snapped him out of the vision before the Mind Flayer could touch him. Will's next vision took place at school , shortly after he encountered Dart in the bathroom. Will found himself in the Upside Down once more, standing in the school corridor.

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Suddenly, the Mind Flayer's dark mist began to flood into the corridor before chasing after Will. After running outside and onto the field, Will stopped and turned to see the Mind Flayer looming high above the school.

Remembering what Bob had told him as they drove to school, Will attempted to confront the Mind Flayer, yelling at him to "go away! From that point on, the Mind Flayer began to slowly take over Will's mind and body. As time passed, Will's connection with the Mind Flayer deepened more, making him frightened and distraught.

Fortunately it led Will, Joyce, Bob and Mike to finding the location of Hopper and rescuing him at the tunnels. However, due to his being a part of the hive mind, he experienced severe agony following the burning of the tendrils.

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It enraged the Mind Flayer as referred by an ailing Will and as retaliation, the Mind Flayer deceived Will into revealing a location that he was afraid and exploited their connection to use him to massacre the scientists at the Hawkins Lab. The huge silhouette of the Mind Flayer later appeared behind the Gate as Eleven attempted to close it. The Mind Flayer attempted to stop El, sending one of his coils through the Gate to attack her as well as commanding his minions to swarm both her and Hopper; however, El successfully disintegrated much of the coil.

She then channeled her anger to overpower the Mind Flayer and finished the job of closing the Gate, sealing him back inside the Upside Down. The Mind Flayer is gargantuan and spider-like, being at least 50 stories tall. The precise details of his anatomy remain unknown, due to the thick, black cloud-like substance which envelops him.

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It is unclear whether he is entirely composed of this substance, or if his body contains any solid elements. However, the creature does appear to have multiple limbs, some of which branch into several appendages; these limbs visually resemble the tendrils and vines present in the Upside Down.

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And new-school Netflix has leveraged this anticipation in a very old school way: tie-in novels. The country dealt with Vietnam fallout, the city dealt with crime headlined by the Son of Sam killer, and fictional cops like Hopper dealt with internal monologues about war changing people, the nature of good and evil, or how doing one's job may be the only shot at cleaning up the city. Hopper came to New York because post-war life in Hawkins simply felt too slow, and his young family wife Diane, daughter Sara yearned for more adventure.

Alongside his new partner, Cuban-American Detective Rosario Delgado, adventure falls squarely in their laps.

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A new serial killer appears to be rampaging the city in the shadows of the Son of Sam, stabbing victims in the chest in some ritualistic way and leaving only a white slip of paper with a different shape at each crime scene. The chief needs Delgado and Hopper to solve this one not only fast, but quietly—the city can't take another looming serial killer.

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I will say that there are a lot of unanswered questions that I hope will be answered in the next book! Log in. The way these two end up craving each other is electric and after reading the anticipation build up, we're not disappointed when we finally get to the good stuff if you know what I mean. What Follows in Shadow. Get A Copy. She literally marries a stranger who is a possible psychopath as far as she knows, on no fucking proof! Then, when you finally get to the end, what happens???

From there, well, this is Stranger Things -adjacent storytelling, so things don't quite go as smoothly as either detective may hope. The FBI makes an appearance, as do gangs drawing equal inspiration from the US military and religious cults.

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This also being a pre-modern technology crime story, someone may even have to go undercover at some point. On the sliding villain scale of a Mind Flayer to Dr. Brenner, the evil here decidedly resides within the human realm. Perhaps as a result, the stakes feel a little more real, a little more dangerous. As Hopper's thoughts put it at one point, "There had been deaths—and there were more to come.