Sentinels: A Distant Star (Sentinels Superhero Novels, Vol. 2) (The Sentinels)

ISBN 13: 9781934861073
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Somehow they must confront and defeat the cosmic menaces converging upon Earth--without killing each other first Her Watson, K. In the tradition of Ro The Worldmind has dispatched his top lieutenant, the murderous Vanguard, to Earth-- with orders to open the way for ultimate planetary annihilation.


Standing in the way: Ultraa, Pulsar, and a motley collection of heroes-- and villains-- who must over The Jarvis Heads of AvengersAssemble. Introduction by Marvel Executive Editor Tom A taut, fast moving science fiction adventure in the style of the late Jack Vance. Plexico weaves a dazzling tale filled with action and awe inspiring suspense. Cover art and interior illustrations by the amazing Ingrid Hardy. Science fiction for a n Contains five new classic mysteries starring the world's greatest detective, Sherlock Holmes and his loyal companion, Dr.

Watson put forth clever, twisted puzzles that only the Ba So you think you know comics? Then test your knowledge against ten years' worth of the toughest trivia questions to ever stump a crowd of geeks at a convention! Hundreds of questions and answers from the folks who bring you the annual comics trivia Overflowing with tons of illustrations and special features!

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Through the eyes of central character Lyn Li, a Chinese-American teen that possesses amazing electromagnetic powers, we encounter aliens and androids, geniuses and demigods, megalomaniacal arch-villains, space-borne monsters, and everything else one would expect from a classic Bronze-Age comic series—in New Pulp novel form! Throw in the ability that a novel series provides, to allow characters to really change and grow and even die!

Wayne D. Mix Picks: Midnight Vista 1. The Law Is A Ass. ComicMix Quick Picks. ComicMix beats Dr.

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Seuss; federal court has found fair use. Win a Glass Blu-ray. Author: Van Allen Plexico. Facebook Twitter Tumblr Pinterest Pocket. News May 16, Originally appearing in from Swarm Press, When Strikes the Warlord has only been available as an e-book or as part of the Grand Design Omnibus for over a year. Now White Rocket brings it back into print as a stand-alone trade paperback, with all the original interior artwork by famed series artist Chris Kohler. Teaming up with beloved but mysterious national hero Ultraa and renowned inventor and billionaire Esro Brachis, she enters a new world of androids, aliens, cosmic space gods, interdimensional conquerors, and more.

This new edition has been meticulously re-edited by the author.

Sentinels novels

This new Anniversary Edition from White Rocket allowed me to tighten things up in many places—but not one bit of the overall story has been changed! Visit the Sentinels page at the White Rocket site at www. News April 24, After its first month in production, the White Rocket Podcast was invited to join the Earth Station One ESO Network of programming, where it has prospered, reaching an additional crossover audience with the New Pulp message and expanding its presence in the market.

Each roughly one-hour-long episode thus far has featured noted New Pulp author and publisher Van Allen Plexico Sentinels; Lords of Fire discussing some aspect of popular culture with a special guest. Fans of the show can rest assured that other popular topics, including action movie discussions with film critics such as Mark Bousquet and novel discussions with authors such as Mark Finn, Rick Lai, and James Hickson , will continue.

News December 22, Hard to argue against this one, which really does have almost everything. I had it ranked second until yesterday when I re-watched it, and found it oddly disappointing in places.

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The middle is sort of dull, too, while Bond plays golf and then is held prisoner in Kentucky. But the Aston Martin goes a long way—even if he never quite gets to use it as creatively as we might have liked. Odd Job is iconic. And it has probably the second or third best theme song, too—and the most iconic. A simple, straight-ahead spy movie with vivid characters and great action. The visuals of Istanbul and along the European rail line are gorgeous—as was the leading lady, Daniela Bianchi.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Sentinels: A Distant Star (Sentinels Superhero Novels, Vol 2) (The Sentinels) (Volume 2) (): Van Allen Plexico, Chris Kohler. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Van Allen Plexico is the author of all seven-​plus novels in the "Sentinels" superhero saga, along with the "Shattering".

The story sticks just close enough to the novel to make it a tight, taut thriller rather than an over-the-top spectacle. Thanks for reading!

News December 14, On Amazon. News August 8, Columns Wayne D.

Van Allen Plexico:

June 24, Seuss; federal court has found fair use March 13, Contest Win a Glass Blu-ray April 8, Might be too late but love this movie, would love to This battle was huge and is a main reason the Nazis I recall a Thor story where Roxxon Oil sued Thor after Now I am going to do my breakfast, when having my One issue is whether or not the DA is independently elected, I assume it varies from city He has written six novels and one novella in the Shattering space opera series, beginning with Lucian: Dark God's Homecoming in A member of the Pulp Factory writers' and artists' group, Plexico's classic pulp revival novels and novellas have been published by Airship 27 Productions and Pro Se Press, among others.

His science fiction novel, Lucian: Dark God's Homecoming , was published by Airship 27 in summer Additionally, two of his short stories were featured in Airship 27's bestselling and multiple award-winning anthology, Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective, Vol. He has served as assistant editor on multiple projects for Airship An inductee of the Heroes Magazine Hall of Fame for his early work in the comics fandom community, he was founder in and is executive editor of the Avengers-related comic book archives and reference site, AvengersAssemble.

He has also contributed to the Wizard Magazine archives and was chosen by the Rittenhouse Archives to write the text for the backs of Upper Deck's commemorative The Complete Avengers, Present trading card set, chronicling the year-by-year history of the team. As a member of the Spectacled Seven , Plexico is a founding editor of All-Pulp , a pulp fiction-themed online magazine and blog.

Sentinels: A Distant Star (Sentinels Superhero Novels, Vol 2)

His columns, written with John Ringer, were collected in a single volume, Season of Our Dreams , published in January In July , that book made Amazon. In May , Plexico's second nonfiction book about Auburn University football again with co-author John Ringer , Decades of Dominance: Auburn Football in the Modern Era , was published as a trade paperback and in June it climbed to third on Amazon. Web site.

In , writer Keith R. Beginning in , Plexico began writing a multi-volume series of Superhero fiction novels and anthologies.