Sparking Change Around the Globe: 5 ways to make your difference in the world

How great leaders spark change with stories
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The Spark team brings a fresh perspective to an industry with an antiquated approach. As a team of results-focused Doers, we specialize in taking action through data-driven diagnostics. Our team is eager to collaborate with clients, create new ideas and leverage new technologies in a fast-changing and increasingly complex business environment. We have experience with over providers from small critical access facilities to large Independently Owned Network IDN organizations. Co-founder of Spark. Sal started his career implementing laboratory systems across all modules including microbiology, blood bank, and general laboratory eventually managing all lab operations for Application Management Services AMS.

As his responsibilities grew, he would go on to lead all Clinical and Revenue Cycle solutions. During his time at AMS, Sal grew a team of people to over servicing all clients across the globe. His responsibility included 5 global offices and providing incident, configuration, and monitoring support for all Cerner Solutions across over clients. His creative and positive disruptive nature led to innovative ways of testing claims at high volume rates, something that has never been done. In addition, the creation of a post go-live stabilization center for clients as well as client visible reporting views has led to quick client recovery after implementation.

His experience with all varieties of clients has led him to one conclusion; Providers need our help to drive out inefficiencies and they lack the know-how, talent and technology to do so.

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All providers are faced with the same challenge of generating immediately reimbursable transactions. Sal was born in raised in Blue Springs, a local suburb of Kansas City.

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Through Mondelez Cocoa Life program farmers learn to avoid deforestation and plant native shade trees making farms more resilient to climate change. In the past decade, Earth Hour has inspired millions to support and participate in critical climate and conservation projects led by WWF and many others, helping drive climate policy, awareness and action. We have…. Currently we are reducing Source 40 percent of electricity from renewable energy sources by

After college, Sal returned to Kansas City where he met his wife Gina. Dung has spent the entirety of his career with a company that sits at the intersection of healthcare and technology where he has spent the past 9 years in leadership growing associates, developing strategic plans, and delivering unmatched results. As a calculated and logical risk-taker, Dung used his deep technical, system, and industry knowledge to inspire over associates across 12 Revenue Cycle teams providing over clients with world class support.

Many of the model support behaviors were born from the teams that Dung led and continue to be relevant in the highest performing teams. Throughout his year career, Dung has built a reputation for running high performing and efficient teams, his out of the box thinking, and his knowledge of the Revenue Cycle industry.

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More recently, Dung has transitioned to a new role that utilizes his talents to focus on a section of the healthcare industry that has been neglected and needs transformation; Revenue Cycle Management. With his experience and thirst for new technology, Dung brings the resourcefulness needed to bring a fresh perspective.

Dung leans on his faith and core values of integrity, honesty, and excellence to guide him in his daily interactions, as well as, his long-term business strategies. These fundamental beliefs have served him well over the course of his successful career as an executive for the largest healthcare IT company. Together they have two energetic boys, Jaxon 8 and Hendrix 2. Master of Charges. Craig has worked in the IT healthcare industry for 6 years at Cerner. He started his career on the support side doing design and build for Charge Services.

See them more as in-depth, well-researched stories. You could write a case study on how a company went public, became a huge success story, and then fell into bankruptcy a few years later. You could write a case study about an Instagram influencer that rose to Internet fame in record time. You could write a case study about how your favorite author became a self-published success story, or how your city became a hotbed for startups. You can write a case study about literally anything — as long as it teaches the reader something, and ideally is entertaining.

Sparking Change Around the Globe 5 ways to make your difference in the world Online PDF eBook

Every industry is a business. Which means there is competition. And where there is competition, there is ripe material to write about.

You could write about a competitor of your own a competing business, artist, industry, genre, etc. Or you could write, as a third-party observer, what you see watching a handful of competitors go after each other from afar — like a columnist writing about Uber v. Lyft, for example. Competition makes for terrific stories, and this is a form not very many people think about when they sit down to write.

One of the most common forms of content. Now, will a story about an event at your local grocery store go viral and attract widespread attention? Maybe not. All depends on how you choose to execute it. For example, are you just sharing the facts? A little-known topic area, but considering the entire world is made up of jobs, there is a lot of potential to be an educational voice here. Write about different jobs in your industry. Take writing, for example. What jobs are available to someone who loves to write?

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What do they pay? How do you go about landing the good ones? What are the most lucrative ones? Which jobs give you the most freedom to travel?

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What are some unique ways to stand out when applying for a job? What advice would you give to someone who hates their job and wants to find a new one? See, once you start to think through all the potential questions someone might have, you start to realize how much material there is to write about. People forget though how powerful trends and trending topics can be in terms of attracting attention.

One of the most common, yet poorly executed, writing forms in the world is the staple interview format. They think name recognition is enough to warrant someone else paying attention.

Magic starts to happen when you show up to your craft every day

And, sometimes, it is. But finding new and unique ways to make interviews compelling — like asking more original, depth-oriented questions, or drawing unlikely takeaways from the guest — is how you ultimately stand out from the crowd. More importantly, what should you be reading if you want to… and then fill in the blank. For example:. The secret is to drill your book list down to a hyper-specific point or takeaway, and then curate the best of the best. Pick anything in the world: when was the first time it happened? What was it like? What did you feel? What were you thinking about? What scared you about it? What part of that memory has stuck with you the longest? How did that experience shape you? The first time anything happens is a story. Same as the above, except think of this as the other book end. When was the last time, the very last time?

Did you know this was the end? How did you know? What did you think about after the fact? What was the final result?

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Did it end the way you wanted? Why or why not? Your favorite ice cream. Your favorite movie. Your favorite place to vacation. Your favorite childhood memory. Your favorite dessert.

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Your favorite birthday card of all time.