The Quest: A Western Trio

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Use your knife on it to obtain a sliced banana. The rum, combined with a sliced banana , will be necessary in a later part of the quest. However, make sure you combine it now before teleporting, or the Karamjan rum will break. After obtaining the Karamjan rum, travel south to Tai Bwo Wannai and talk with Timfraku upstairs in the north-west house with a quest icon above it. Talk with him until he asks you to gather his sons, Tamayu , Tiadeche , and Tinsay , in the village.

Items required: A steel spear or better, a small fishing net , a pestle and mortar or 6 gold, and one 4-dose or two 3-dose agility potions. Optional: Logs , a tinderbox , and a raw karambwan one is obtainable later in the quest. You can find Tamayu southeast of the village at the mine. He will return to Tai Bwo Wannai only once he has killed the Shaikahan.

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Talk to him; ask him when he will succeed and offer to join him on his next hunt. During a cutscene Tamayu will fail to defeat the Shaikahan. He will claim that he is overpowered by its strength, regenerating health, and agility. Do not give your spear or agility potion to Tamayu yet.

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Go to the pond southwest of Tamayu and net-fish for karambwanji. You must poison the spear with karambwan before giving it to Tamayu. Fish for at least 22 raw karambwanji. These are stackable in 1 inventory slot. It's recommended to have a few spares or keep the net for later if your Cooking level is low. Items required: A karambwan vessel , and a raw karambwanji. Logs and Tinderbox. Next, go to the northeast corner of the jungle fairy ring D K P. Tiadeche can be found close to the ring, near the coast. Find Tiadeche, and talk to him. He says he will go back to Tai Bwo Wannai after you teach him how to catch karambwan. Give him your full karambwan vessel and he will subsequently give you a raw karambwan. He will also ask you to visit his brother Tinsay for another matter.

Grab the seaweed that spawns here on the beach as you will need it later on. Once you have the raw karambwan, cook it to obtain a poison karambwan.

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If Ironmen are not successful in their attempt, they will need 65 Fishing to catch another. Use the pestle and mortar on the karambwan to produce karambwan paste.