Toks and the Phoenix Project

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Maddie King graduated from Portland State University with a double major in English and German, after spending her last year living in Germany and leaving a piece of her heart there. An Oklahoma native, she made the pilgrimage to Portland in She travels whenever possible, plays and writes music, enjoys photography, and delights in both board and video games, always with a book and coffee close at hand.

ISBN 13: 9780615780368

Favorite book topics range from genre fiction and literature to travel writing, science, and technology. You might also like.

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The story is told by Clair, the last surviving person in this small group of writers, as she tries her best to keep afloat until [ Diane A. Ruby Sparks is now managing [ This novel arose out of public outcry over a proposal to open a copper mine in the headwaters of the Smith River in central Montana. Leave a Response.

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Toks and the Phoenix Project [A.S. Lawal] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. An intriguing tale of mystery, intrigue, espionage and science. Toks and the Phoenix Project () by A.S. Lawal and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible Books available now.

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Andrew Nemeth. Toks Awobifa. However, just when Toks thinks she's on the verge of a breakthrough with her hair formulation, Professor Johnson rejects her thesis proposal and wants her to catalog the metabolic characteristics of some bacterium instead, which is nothing more than pointless grunt work in Toks's view.

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To make matters worse, this new assignment is also the most unpromising research project in his entire group. Professor Johnson has either gone nuts or is onto something.

Toks and the Phoenix Project by A.S. Lawal

But unknown to her and the rest of her fellow students, Professor Johnson is secretly working for the CIA to uncover a mysterious plot involving a dangerous group known as the Shango Triangle who have made it clear to the professor that they want his top secret research project for themselves and will do anything to get it.