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The prospect of immediate benefit, and immense wealth will naturally incline those concerned in it, to throw their views immediately to the richer Provinces of Peru and [Deleted: Mexico] Quito, but I confess I cannot help feeling that such an attempt however much it might be attended with immediate success, would in no degree ultimately end, in the emancipation of those Provinces, or in securing to us, substantial benefits of a permanent Trade with those countries. A coup the main on the Port of Calao, and the city of Lima might indeed probably succeed and much wealth be acquired by the captors, but this very success, unless it were attended by our being able to maintain ourselves in the Kingdom of Peru, would ultimately end, in exciting the aversion of the Inhabitants against any future connection of any kind with Great Britain.

In whatever force we might therefore land, the heat of the climate would on the one hand, debilitate your faculty for acting, and on the other the diseases of the country would daily decrease our numbers. The Possession of immense wealth would naturally ended in under my management introduce covetousness among the Troops and the Insulated situation in which they would be placed without any communication with or information from their native country would undoubtedly [? Terragno With a view therefore to a general and permanent effect, to the Westward of Cape Horn it appears indispensably necessary that we should occupy in the first instance some position, which would not only preserve the health of our Troops but which by opening a communication with our Troops acting to the eastward of Cape Horn would enable us ultimately to attack the Tropical Provinces with a greater degree of certainty of success and solidity of arrangement.

It is for this reason I conceive the only efficacious mode of effecting our views, would be by employing this corps in the first instance against the Kingdom of Chili, and my view of the plan in which it should act, is as follows. It may be here however be extremely necessary to state, that my opinion is very much formed indeed on a memoir given upon this very subject by a Monsr. Terragno necessary that a perfect understanding should have take place, with those Indians long before our Military force appeared on the coast of Chili, which can only be done thro the medium of a communication being opened with them from Buenos Ayres.

To accomplish this great object, ought to be one of the Material points of attention on the part of the officer sent to Buenos Ayres. They are universally stated to posses many of the talents of the Nor th American Indians, particularly that of inviolable secrecy, our views might therefore be safely explained to them, and they be in a situation of complete preparation to act, the instant our force arrived at the mouth of the Biobio, the river which separate the Spanish from the Indian Territory.

The opening [of] this communication, can not be a matter of great difficulty and as we in fact can have no view that does not perfectly accord with their feelings, then can be as little doubt of our success.

Instruction may be accd. Iago in Chili is perfectly explained by a variety of authors, the whole of the distance is upwards of 1. La distancia total supera las 1. Junto con Pitt, se fue Dundas. Terragno Pittt fue Primer Ministro hasta su muerte, a principios de Estaba en condiciones de conquistar esos mercados por medios militares, sobre todo merced a su armada.

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Fay, Huskisson and his Age London, , p. Fay cita una carta de Dundas a Huskisson, 14 de junio de El 12 de octubre de fue a entrevistarse con Pitt. La referencia al puerto aparece ya en una carta de Hippisley a Windham, el 22 de agosto de MB, Add. Se trataba de recuperar el Cabo de la Buena Esperanza.

El retrato de Richard Rothwell, que cuelga en la National Portrait Gallery de Londres, lo muestra como un hombre de dos grandes y sanos ojos negros. Ione S. Wright y Lisa M.

Sir Home Popham. Fueron 1. Pero no fue una conquista incruenta: en el suelo quedaron un muerto y doce heridos. La captura de Buenos Aires, en cambio, fue hecha por una fuerza muy inferior, descansando solamente en el coraje. El total de la captura hace unos 3. Padilla era, desde , el representante de Francisco de Miranda en Buenos Aires. Para reparar aquello, le propusieron un acuerdo.

El 5 de enero de , Samuel Auchmuty, al frente de 3. Museo Mitre, Ms. Pitt y Mr. Addington, etc. Sin embargo, dos fracasos eran suficientes para no insistir. Duque DUKE ; f.

Conde EARL ; f. Creado en , cuando le fue conferido a John Lord Beaumont. Patrick, Bath, Star of India, St. Michael and St. Unas familias conservaron el Macduff y otras como la familia de James pasaron a ser, simplemente, Duff. Alexander, el padre de James, era Vizconde Macduff. Taylor, The Book of the Duffs, p. Fue en Jidda hoy Arabia Saudita y ambos hombres congeniaron desde el primer momento. Como ya sabemos, Craufurd fue enviado en a ejecutar un plan similar al de Maitland. DNB, vol. Fue Londres.